L - Fife Harbour 90 x 90cm
B - Three Puffins, 50 x 50cm
FiCircus with Blackbirds 60x60cm
L - Lavender Fields Above Loch Leven 40 x 40cm
Bo - Loch Ryan Boat, 50 x 50cm
P - Andy on his Phone 60 x 60cm
West Coast Sunset, 40 x 40cm
Dunnock's Teacakes 30x30cm
Kirsty 60 x 60cm, oil on board
LMay Landscape near Penrith 40x40cm
B - Crow 40x40cm
Garden of Eden
Criffel, Evening Light 30 x 30cm
P - Lee 100x100cm
Walking with Crows 50x50cm on canvas.JPG

Moy Mackay Midsummer show (featured artist)


Gallery Q, Dundee


Whitehouse Gallery, Kirkcudbright

Velvet Easel Gallery, Portobello

Please check gallery websites



Moy Mackay Gallery, Peebles 
June/July 2022